Monday, September 21, 2009

Let the Contest BEGIN!

Well, I feel like it is FINALLY time to blog about what has truly been going on in our home. Now this may shock some of you but it was something that needed to be done! Mike and I are on a..... DIET!
Trust me it's hard for us to believe as well. We are so committed to this and we know this is going to help us so much in our future! I know that I couldn't do it without him and I am so grateful for a husband who is willing to give up delicious food for the sake of helping me and for both of us to feel and look better! He is such a trooper and he is doing so well. He has already lost 10 pounds and is working so hard to get in shape. I have lost 10 pounds so far as well and I already feel great! We have a menu that we DO NOT stray from and a work out plan every week to help us reach our goals.
Thanks to my amazing sister-in-law, Sarah we have the perfect plan that is personalized for our bodies! Not only will we get to feel great about ourselves and are already feeling better as we speak, but did I mention we're doing a Lindsey Family Biggest Loser with a cash prize at the end?! This goes to the one family member that reaches their goal at the end of 12 weeks. Soooo like I said, Let the contest begin!!!! It's on family, oh ya it's on!!

Notice: There are no pictures on this post of our before pictures and that might never happen(haha) but we will definitely put up some after pictures so you all can look forward to that! Oh and we're not going to put up any pictures of our bodies until we're done with the 12 weeks so the family doesn't get to discouraged by how good we are looking! HaHa

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I Just Hope I Finish!"

We spent this past weekend at Bear Lake for Mike's 1st Olympic Triathlon! Not only was Mike nervous because it was his first Olympic distance triathlon but he also didn't have much time to train because of the many vacations we took over the seven week break! I was nervous for him too! His goal was to finish and not only did he succeed in finishing the race but he also got 1ST place in his age group! Way to go my man! You are amazing!

Swim 1 Mile

Bike 24.6 Mile

Run 6.2

Walking over to the Lake
Getting ready to Start
All the Olympic Distance Racers
Just Finished the Swim! Lookin' Good Sexy Man
Just Finishing the Bike

Just Finishing the Run
He Did It!
Happy to be DONE!
Oh that Gold Medal? 1st Place!! He really is #1!!
I'm so proud of you Mike and all that you do! When you set your mind on something you not only accomplish it but exceed all expectations! You're such an amazing person and I love you so much! 1st place Champion!! Now onto the Iron Man!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome Home Mr. and Mrs. Smith

For all of those who were worried by my latest post...We're all moved in and growing to love our new little place! It finally feels like we're home!

Our lovely couch
Our Living Room
Our Entertainment
Our Bedroom
And Our Bathroom

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Out with the New and In with the Old

So we moved out of our luxury home on the 1st of September and into our new... well if you can call it an apt. then I guess our new one bedroom apt. I thought not having a dishwasher or a disposal was bad but I think that Mike and I underestimated how much stuff we actually have and a one bedroom apartment that is falling apart just doesn't have very much space. A few photos to show you what I mean...

And After...

And this isn't even including the bedroom and the bathroom which were also full of lots and lots of ummm stuff! Oh dear this is going to be a loooong semester! Wish us luck! I hope we live!!

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Sunny California

We spent two whole weeks in Rexburg alone and it was time for a vacation. So Mike and I decided to surprise Pat and Gregg and go to Rocklin for a week to spend some time with the Smiths. It was so much fun and great to be out of Rexburg. We spent the week lounging, boating on Folsom Lake, swimming, and we even got to stop by Eric and Sam's for dinner one night.
Then we were off to Southern California to spend some time with the Lindsey's. All the family was in town for the week and so it was perfect timing for us because I was in a wedding for my friend Cierra that weekend. After the wedding we spent a lot of time swimming, playing tennis, going to the beach, Mike beating Bryce in Wii tennis, and we went to an Angel's game.

Mike and Kyle decided to try it together!
Nice Air Babe!!
I actually did it... see no rope!
Pat did awesome and got up her first try!
Even Gregg got out there!
Loved being back at the San Diego Temple!
Beautiful Bride
Yummy Mexican Food at the reception
We loved spending time with our families! Thanks for making our California trips so much fun! Oh and Mike and I are definitely going to work on our Tennis skills for next time!

Swim. Bike. Run... ALOT!!

Getting our wetsuits on
Stopping to pose for a picture
The mass of people waiting to get in the water
Try and find Mike (Hint: he's wearing a blue cap)
Mike and Shawn are the two closest to the buoy

He threw up like 4 times on the run, but finished strong
Mike and his friend Rick Kelly
Free Bread
The Inspiration
Free massages
3rd PLACE!!!
Their "Lion Faces"