Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, I made a deal with my brother Brad to leave his fixed gear bike with me while he is on his mission. The deal is that I can do whatever I want with it (fix it up, sell it, etc...) as long as when he gets off the plane in two years that I have another fixed gear of equal or greater value waiting for him.

So I sold it. And started looking around on Craig's List....
Well, I found this amazing deal:
A triathlon bike w/ shoes, pedals, helmet and a saddle bag on sale for what I sold Brad's fixed gear for.

I have always had a desire to be a triathlete. Which is strange because I hate running. Regardless, this sealed the deal for me and for the past few weeks I have been training to start competing in triathlons.

The school put on a triathlon today and so I signed up and instantly started doubting myself, and my training, but I showed up and here is the proof:

My BIGGEST fan!!

Getting STOKED!!
Stretching it out
This was the 2nd lap on the track before we headed out to the street for the final 2.8 miles of the run
Notice the nice crack in Jess's windshield?
Jess and Brittney followed me around the course in the car
Out in the windy country roads of Idaho
Tuck and fly
Ripping all my bike stuff off
The transition from the bike to the pool

Perfect form? hardly!
Don't I look so glad I'm done?
There's that smile...
Coincidence? My number was 6 and I' pretty sure I took 6th!!

3.2 Mile Run
13.5 Mile Bike
600 Yard Swim

The run went pretty smooth and I was feeling pretty good until about the last few hundred yards.

I got on the bike and felt great, so I just took off. I definitely had an advantage over all the people on mountain bikes and ended up passing about 12 people on the bike course and moved up to 6th place.

I started cramping towards the end of the bike but downed my water bottle, finished off my Gu and started to feel better.

The swim was one of the hardest things I've ever done! My body was so tight and so tired. I ended up alternating breast stroke and freestyle every other lap and made my triumphant finish.

The official times haven't been posted yet, but I found out that a couple of the people ahead of me may have been on relay maybe I did better than 6th? We'll see.

Total Time:
1 Hour
17 Minutes
54 Seconds

When's the next one?