Friday, June 19, 2009


So, Your probably wondering why this is my second time putting up a blog with the title of "Ouch" but it's not a sore bum this time, in fact it's not even me! Mike comes home from his 7:45 a.m. class and tells me that his eye hurts. I'm thinking, "Oh it's probably just allergies." And then I see this!!
Ouch that does not look pretty!
Turns out when he was taking off his goggles in swim class they slipped and snapped him right in the eye!
Now his eye hurts him all the time and is super sensitive to light! My poor baby!
We're thinkin' he probably popped a blood vessel... or like 20!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Girl!!

Well this last week it was my wife's 21st birthday! She's getting all grown up on me! I think she had a pretty good birthday. She got a delicious breakfast, tons of presents from all the family and a night packed with a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then back to our place for cake and Twister!!
I love you Jess! Hope you had a good birthday!

The picture above is her new pet frog, "Tiny Tim."

Our new friends who went through the temple the same day in Newport, got married the same day as us in San Diego, were on the same cruise for our honeymoon and now are in our WARD here at BYU-I...crazy!!

Look at all those friends!!

Look closely below as I managed to capture Jess's brownie sliding off the plate!!

We have friends!!

I totally got trick candles for her cake!! Haha sucker!


And we finished the night off with a little Mad Gab

Happy Birhday Jess