Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today I'm Feeling...


Creative? Me?

Thanks to my oh so creative friend, Ashley, I was able to make such cute decorations for my bathroom which I have wanted to do since we moved into our apartment!!  For my lack of creativity I was so thrilled with everything and more importantly super impressed with myself! Haha
NOT only is is super cute but it was all under $30!! 
And love you BABE for putting it all up for me!!!

Mike is so OLD!!

I am so bad at blogging lately and the truth is I've actually been busy with work and my new calling as the beehive advisor! (Which I LOVE!!!) Mike and I have been busy busy and especially during this season we have a lot going on!
It doesn't help that my poor husband has been suffering with a cold/cough for 3 weeks and on top of that he has had severe pink eye in both eyes for almost a week now! Those drops do not seem to be doing their job! 
BUT because I have been so busy I have completely neglected to put up my husbands birthday post! 
I am a month late! But better late than never...

So I, being my little sneaky self, made my oh so trusting husband believe that my checks were a little less than they actually were each paycheck. When in actuality I was hoarding a little money from every paycheck and stashing the cash in my bottom drawer to buy Mike the Ultimate Birthday Present! He had no idea and believed we didn't have enough money to get him ANYTHING for his birthday! It's so hard to surprise him and he was SOOOOO surprised and I was soo happy!!

I surprised him with THIS....

Mikes been so sad that we left his big ghetto speakers in Rexburg when we moved back and I finally saved up enough money to get my hubby a new sound system! Blue ray DVD player with wifi capability! LOVE NETFLIX! 
Here are some more pics from that night...

Then we had a party for just friends! We went out to dinner with a couple of our friends and then a bunch of people came over to our place for cake and ice cream!
Picture OVERLOAD!!!!!!

Love our Family and Friends and are so happy they could share Mike's special day with us! 
And to my husband... I love you so much and hope you had such a good birthday! 25 years old and I can't wait for the next 25 years as your wife!! I'm so lucky!!! LOVE YOU BOO!