Thursday, April 30, 2009


Watch out Betty Crocker!
I definitely know how to make a mess!
At this point I was waay nervous... Does that look like broccoli cheese soup to anyone? haha
The final product! I made broccoli cheese soup all by myself and from scratch!! The Best part is that it was the perfect pot of soup! It was delicious and Mike loved it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

HoNeYmOoN TiMe...

OH did we mention that on the drive home from the temple we stopped to get some Rubios?
Welcome to Sky Dive San Diego! Yup we went skydiving the day after we got married and it was amazing! We decided we would do it again in a heart beat!

First day on the Cruise and we were so excited to be there! Having a vacation with the one person you love most in the world is pretty much the best vacation ever!

Mike LOOOVED the dessert... in fact he had 3 to 4 desserts every night!

So I woke up the first morning and my new husband had a new present for me! I was so surprised and I loved my gift!! Thank You My Baby!

Breakfast in Bed anyone? We'll Take It!!!

Welcome to Catalina Island! We had so much fun walking around and shopping! I got two new pairs of sunglasses and some shampoo and conditioner which was desperately needed! We played some arcade games and walked in the sand! It was a beautiful day!

I think we had WAY to many of these ice cream cones!

Isn't he so ROMANTIC? I got out of the shower and he had gone out to buy these strawberries and sparkling cider for us!

HAHA! K so the story behind these type of pictures is the ship took professional pictures of us all throughout the cruise and a lot of them turned out super cute BUT they were like 20 bucks a picture soooo Mike had the brilliant idea of taking pictures of the pictures! He's So Smart!

Welcome to Ensada!We visited La Bufadora or in English the Blow Hole and shopped at the flee market. Mike bought a poncho and we both got matching braclets. We also got a souvenir for Elder Bradley Smith!! We hope he likes it!

This could have possibly been Mike's favorite part of the entire honeymoon! We had real, authentic Mexican Tacos, carne asada and shrimp! They were YUMMY!

We loved coming home everynight after a long night watching karaoke or just eating dinner and having our bed made with a cute but scary towel animal on top.

So this was so FUNNY!! Eric you can relate to this one big brother! We had JUST sat down at our table after waiting in a long line at the buffet to get our food and mike had this beautiful plate of chili fries just piled up! An elderly lady walks by out table and knocks over my drink with her purse and it spills all over mikes whole plate of Chili fries! HE was sooo mad and the lady didnt even say sorry! Mike was so angry he was speechless. He quietly got up and went back in line to get a new plate! Poor thing!! haha

We laid out a lot when the weather was good and Mike worked on his sun tan the whole time even when it was freezing cold! I had to get a photo shoot of this BOD! haha


Welcome to San Francisco!! We ate of the Boudin's Bakery and got a chili bowl and a sandwich! Mike had been raving about this place since we woke up that morning! It was so YUMMY!

We had some fun trying on AWESOME hats! HAHA

HAHA! Need I say anything? Love HIM!

Mike paid for me to see through the binoculars to look at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz! It was so amazing! I love San Francisco!!!


WICKED!!! OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!! I WAS SO EXCITED! When I told Mike I was so happy and that I never win anything he FORTUNATELY reminded me that "You still haven't, I won remember?" Love you too Honey! haha He still has some getting used to this whole being married thing!
We took a trolly ride around the whole city and I've decided I'm in love with San Francisco! It is amazing! Did I mention there is a 3 story Forever 21?!?! Yes San Fran is Heavenly!


Ya so I wasnt very happy for a short time! There was a long line for the trolly and we had to get back to make it to Wicked on time so yes Mike had the bright idea of walking up the street in San Francisco (mind you the hills are sooo steep)!! It was painful! haha

Finally our night ended and we were waiting for the BART and Mike snapped one last shot! A Perfect Day!! Honeymoon was Perfect! I Love you Mike!